Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2010

I made it!!! I have reach Mid valley megamall!!!

All Over the mall was having this banner for KLPF..

So it is easy to find the convention center (By asking the security guard then i finally there)

The ladies besides the banner also the visitor but i frankly don't know who she was. she just standing there and pretend to be a model. Not just me ,there another one guy also taking the picture of this banner and i said" u should tell the lady to move first"

This is the main entrance to the festival...
Because all my friend were refusing to go along with me so no photo of myself in the front of the entrance(Tear)

Then im fill in the entrance form for the registration. They gave me this sticker..
Just like entering the battle of the bands

Im keeping this Sticker..

just stepping inside the festival, im really shock and amaze by the SONY-GROUP booth. It is huge just like a ship with the trial camera on top of the boots.

This was the Sony group booth.. really make a great perspective to their product image...

All of the BIG group were presenting the best booth.
Nikon group booth also give a nice and new way to present their product.

This is the Nikon group booth. the big banner as the background of their booth still make them impressive...

They provide a free sensor cleaning only for Nikon DSLR. But 1 person 1 DSLR only.. I want to stood in the line so im searching for the back of the line,started to walk into one corner and saw..OH MY GOD... if i stood in line,maybe im back to uitm by monday morning.. then i walk away....just pretend i just passing by...(whistle with my mouth)

Then i went to Olympus booth.. just looking around and touch each of the model available for try.. then i try.. the boss(maybe not so sure) came to me with his E620 attach along with the wide angle lens... He ask me to try it.. so i try... once i hold the DSLR and grab on it... im asking myself "have i been to gym? because i feel like holding a cotton right now(Do take note whether it me getting stronger or just the DSLR is light)"

so i give it a shoot. then it really amazed me...Then speechless..... i walked away before him starting to ask how does its feel....

This was the Olympus Group booth.. Still many people are trying that camera during i take this photo...

Then i just walking around and scanning for the item that i want which were;

1.MONOPOD. this is use to held the camera. Its really helps during using the A and S priority.

2.Caps on Diffuser for my nissin speedlite

3.In Iban,Tali penyandik kemera.

4. Memory stick 8gb. My memory stick recently and eventually always have a corrupted photo during the transfer to the pc. then i buy a new one instead of going for trip,snap there snap here,suddenly can't retrieve the file.(don't like banana to fruit 2 times.

Then im setting out the leave the festival... just alking around the top floor of mid valley.... then heading straight to the KTM counter to buy boarding pass(Is it an airplane or train)

Leaving Mid Valley Megamall with both hand full with plastic bag(Hello! today is sunday,Not saturday)...

See a book store then suddenly.....


dont want to miss it again...
Touch 6 magazine,Buy all of its...



What i have to say was that the organizer should give themselves a congratulations....
Who aspect the first ever event been organize(this is the first KLPF) have a lot of visitor to their event came from all over the place and quest what many of them were all photographers... including me..


  1. pergh.... marvelous!!! next tym i'll be ur model keh.. hahahaha.. nice job fren... =)

  2. i am glad you said that!

    meet you during convocations!